Content Warnings

Nowhere Stars is a horror story that features childhood trauma as a central theme. It contains content that could be unsettling or upsetting. The story includes or will include:

Violence and death involving children
Severe physical/emotional child abuse
Emotional abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting
Terminal/chronic illness, medical procedures, and hospice/end-of-life situations
Mental illness, derealization, and existential terror
Body horror
Suicidal ideation and self-harm

Given the nature of the serial format, this list may not be completely exhaustive, but I’ve done my best to cover the broad themes you should be aware of. If there’s anything you feel should be on this list that currently isn’t, please let me know! I process awfulness through storytelling, and looking at the text from my own very personal author’s eye view, it’s often difficult for me to tell what does or doesn’t merit any specific warnings.

For that reason, I don’t currently intend to include chapter-by-chapter content warnings. Consider this list as establishing the “typical” level of darkness and heaviness in the story.