Holiday Break

Hi! I wanted to get this out ahead of right before the release day again: I have some upcoming travel stuff to deal with. I’ll still be writing whenever I can get some quiet time to myself, but I’m taking the next two Wednesdays off to focus on keeping my brain in working order while I grapple with the screaming existential terror of leaving my house, being around people, and doing my best not to end up Eyeless in Florida. The sun and I do not get along so well.

During that break, I have a bit of a present for everyone: a little while ago, I ran an AMA on the Discord, which went pretty well! I’ve decided to extend that offer here, too. Here are the questions and answers from that event. Post any additional questions you have in the comments – I’ll pick out the ones I like and add answers to them along with the next chapter.

A couple notes and ground rules for questions:
-Here’s the current list of things I’m willing to extratexually hard-confirm about the story: No time travel. No multiverses. No love triangles. No matter what.

-I will probably not spoil things that could come up in the story, unless I want to shut down some incredibly ????? line of thinking. Please don’t take this as an opportunity to throw all the crack you can think of at me, but I’ll forgive you if it’s really funny crack!

-Tangential world/character questions that don’t really affect the story proper are subject to discretion. I won’t answer anything with “can’t answer that, spoiler” because that is itself a spoiler, so if I ignore one of these, I did see it, I’ll keep you in mind if it ever does come up, and I still like you!

-Please do not ask me about statistical numbers or percentages. Those things are very scary.

As for the story itself, Nowhere Stars will continue on 1/4 — oh, wow! My first most-of-a-year doing my best to be a Real Author has been a lot to take in, but here we are. Thank you all so much for reading this strange little thing and giving it as promising a start as it’s had. ♥

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    • correct! there may be other worlds or other layers of reality where things are different. there is not one where there’s an evil version of Shona with a goatee.

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